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Lightpro 60W Transformer Timer & Light Sensor


The 60W Lightpro transformer includes a timer and daylight sensor for the ultimate control of your lighting system.

Please note the maximum wattage on this transformer is 48 watts of led loading. 

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£ 88.00 inc vat

Technical Specifications


Lightpro 60W Transformer

This is a general information guide. Please consult the manual (download below) for a detailed desciption.

  • The total wattage for the connected products must not exceed the capacity of the transformer, or else the transformer may be damaged beyond repair.
  • The transformer must not be opened.
  • The transformer must be connected to the mains (230Volt 50 Hz) and is suitable for outdoor and indoor use (IP44, splash-water-proof) when installed at least half a meter above the ground with the cables coming from the bottom.
  • The plug of the transformer must not be plugged into the wall socket until the complete set
    has been installed.
  • The transformer has an automatic circuit breaker.
  • Protection class II: this product is double-insulated and need not be connected to an earth wire.

Connecting The Low Voltage Main Cable

Strip 1cm of insulation off the ends of the low voltage cable. Insert stripped ends under pressure plates (cable shoes supplied).

Alternatively use 143A transformer connector (shown right).

Tighten pressure plates securely onto the bare wire. Make sure insulation clears pressure plates.